Immediately Stop All Military Attacks in Syria

We are a network formed by NGOs, scholars and citizens that conducts advocacy and information sharing activities for the cessation of war and the realization of peace in Syria.

It is reported that in Eastern Gouta the actions of various armed units have intensified military tensions, and there are extremely alarming reports that airstrikes and shelling have killed more than 250 . In addition, six medical facilities were destroyed in that region, which means thousands of people are now deprived of access to basic medical care. Damascus is also targeted by opposition groups. It has been confirmed that on February 20 alone, their shelling of the capital resulted in thirteen deaths.

In Rural Damascus including Eastern Ghouta, South Eastern Deir Ezzor, South Eastern Idlib, Western Aleppo and North Western Aleppo (Afrin) there has been an intensification of indiscriminate attacks. These military actions are done by Syria, Russia, Iran, Israel, USA, Turkey, YPG and other armed groups including those connected with Al Qaida.

In the 8th year of Syrian conflict, too many have already died and been maimed.

We urge everyone related to those military activities: Immediately stop any attack.

The international community should act to prevent further casualties and make Syria a peaceful country.

Please proceed now to implement a ceasefire. Please promptly provide care to the injured.

Please allow families to organize memorial services for their loved ones. Please ensure that people get support even in areas that have been destroyed and deprived of food.

We expect the Government of Japan to actively take in the above mentioned challenges.

We inspire all to unite their efforts to bring peace to Syria. We will never give up.


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