The Eighth Year in Syria Update

                                                     Rawia Altaweel

People life in war

  •  As collateral damage of war, civilians are often killed, injured, detained and tortured regardless of their affiliation (this includes children and women)
  •  Those of us who could make it to date are thought to be lucky but in reality the last 7 years had hardship that is beyond the imagination of a normal human being. The amount of emotional and psychological stress is universal and impacting all of us

Everyday life in A WAR-Zone

  •  Daily security threats
  •  Water, electricity and heating fuel cut
  •  Lack of access to services (health, education, civil services including family documentation)
  •  Difficult to see family members and friends in other locations.

Shall we do something?

  •  It doesn’t feel right to see this is happening in 2018
  •  Compassion is universal human value
  •  What do we tell our children?
  •  Small things matter

What can we do?

  •  Continuous advocacy for peace and inclusion
  •  Support for Education, especially as a tool to combat radicalization.
  •  Support for daily life survival of families and children affected by war
  •  Support for health services as the cost is very high comparing of other life-sustaining   needs


  • 1000 / 1000